Unseen Myanmar Tour

As humans, we feel fulfilled when we find our meaning and purpose in life. We experience joy when living in harmony with the world around us and we are often humbled by the people we meet along our way and whose lives we touch; sometimes only for a brief moment, sometimes in ways we don’t even know about.

This is also true when we travel. We can truly experience a place and culture when meeting with the locals, sharing moments together, and learning about what is important for them and how they see the world. Interacting with our surroundings in a meaningful way will allow us to deeply impact each other and grow through mutual learning.



That’s why Myanmar Vision Travels, have decided to redefine the meaning of travelling. We want to give you the opportunity for an honest, truly authentic and humanitarian travel experience. Myanmar is a multi-religious country, nestled between neighboring giants India and China, and more similarly-sized Thailand and Bangladesh, is the perfect destination for this.

With the “Unseen Myanmar” trip, we have designed a tour for individuals and groups who are looking for a mindful travel experience with a unique mix of local culture and traditions, and impactful encounters and project work on the ground.



We take you to the gorgeous Shwedagon Pagoda, do the fantastic circular train ride around Yangon, drive on an e-bike through ancient temple in Bagan, cook lunch in a family house, trek in the wild hills while enjoying breathtaking views, meet lake farmers in Inle, and much more. Throughout the whole trip we will always connect you with Myanmar's history and culture and discover together what makes this country such a special place.

On the “Unseen Myanmar” tour, we want to show you the real Myanmar with all its natural beauty, its welcoming people, as well as understand its situation of being one of the poorest countries in the world. This is why we will also join different NGO projects and work together with local and international volunteers. We want to give you the opportunity to leave something behind and contribute to helping those who need it most.



In addition, you will learn deep insight and techniques of Peacefulness and Meditation at the Pa-Auk Forest Meditation Monastery which will make this it a truly mindful experience.

Your passionate local guide will be with you all the time and ensure this trip will be an unforgettable experience and Myanmar will find a special place in your heart.


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